The Industry of Time:
Work and Faith In the Life of India

For me, formal considerations of color, form and light are the background for the drama of the common place. And nowhere is the common place so infused with drama, faith and tradition as it is in India. Each mundane chore invites a meditation and a participation in what is an ancient dance, the industry of time.

One morning I was walking a dirt road through Varanasi towards the Old City. I noticed a family against a building, squatting, wearing traditional clothes and I thought as I approached that they were performing a puja, or devotional ceremony. Then I discovered they were actually using hammers to break open car batteries in order to recycle the lead, zinc and copper. Smells of acid and sulfur hit me and I suddenly understood the inevitable collision between the now and then, East and West, one way of life and another, which the Indian people must embrace, daily

These photographs are about me suddenly disappearing, while standing in a doorway, or out in the streets, wide-eyed, learning, and hopefully developing the bonds between work and faith in my own life. I have traveled back and forth to India for three years. This work will continue.

Links To Photographs:

India, 2001 and 2002

India, 2003

Jai Singh II's Observatories